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March 23 2017

In Anglo-Saxon England wolves were sometimes hanged near criminals. The Saxon word for gallows is “varagtreo,” “wolf tree.”
— Judika Illes, The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft (via realhunterswearplaid)
Do I have to make a character sheet for my mom?
— A new D&D player in my group. (via outofcontextdnd)
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it’s back

will this never get explained to me???

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That’s actually pretty helpful. (via dosh_jonaldson)



“In a game with no consequences, why are you still playing the ‘Good’ side?”

Because being mean makes me feel bad.

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Fixed some detail-y stuff. 

Didn’t get into this summer’s Desucon artist alley, but I still want to make this a thing. Slightly worried about my budget, but on the other hand, a Morri patch.


Things you learn watching the LOTR Appendices: Uruk-hai crossbows were pump-action reloaded

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Animal Species Illustration Posters by Kelsey Oseid on Etsy

More like this

Favorite post ever.

These are gorgeous, and they’d be great reference sheets if you’re trying to memorize taxa. 

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Back Cover Art for the Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse Original Soundtrack for Mondo Tees releasing today! You can check it out here

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I watched Zootopia, talked to friends and then this happened. Some of my (and other friends’) characters as Zootopia-esque animals, ignoring the “no birds no reptiles”-thing. @beastlyart did some lovely ones of some of her characters too.

Left to right: Lauriel (wood mouse), Rélean (white hare), Saffran (Egyptian fruit bat), Nita (iguana), Tege x2 (I couldn’t decide if she was a llama or a swan), Joel (moon bear) and Liam (secretary bird). I might do more. Maybe bugs.

Lauriel belongs to Fia and Rélean to @xhakhal, the rest are mine 

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I got the pleasure of working on the Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse Soundtrack vinyl art. If you’ve played the game you know Dracula is the final boss and his second form is a giant brain with a bunch of heads attached to it. Only instead of demon heads I’ve placed all four of the main characters in the brains tendrils.

Sypha is the girl with the hood, Alucard with the slicked back hair and fangs, Grant with the bandana and eye patch, and Trevor with the long hair and headband. 

Coming some time in March so more updates to come. I also did the back cover and interior so check back for more updates~

Thanks to AD Mo Shafeek and Rob Jones!

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There are chess pieces everywhere, and the bed has been slept in vigorously.
— DM (via outofcontextdnd)
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March 22 2017

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