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April 30 2017



I love how in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve and Bucky are having their dramatic highway battle and the cars in the other lane just keep driving. Like, the regular people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe must be so jaded at this point. Like, “Ho hum. Another Monday. Aw dangit. Looks like they’re at it again. The five o’clock rush is gonna be hell.”

Various twitter accounts just like:

So-called superheroes making me late to work again. Are they gonna employ me when I get fired for their incompetence? 🖕


No one at work believes I was late because I missed my turn due to “enormous bird man.”

Captain America vs SHIELD secret police have shootout on freeway in DC. What are they not telling us?

Dropped my snack in floorboard bc some metal arm dude flew off this car & into the gd road. Skittles everywhere.

Saw some guy get tossed into oncoming traffic and hit by a penske truck this afternoon. #gross #wasgettinglunch #nevermind 🤢


Saw Black Widow on bridge this afternoon. #daymade

Which Avenger has a metal arm? #newfave 💋

Think I saw Cap A out of costume & still fighting shit. Either that or some kids have taken LARPing too far.

Is there an Avengers with wings? Seriously. This is important.

Pray for those caught in #Hwy95 incident. Bus overturned. Potential Avengers situation. 🙏

Ridding the world of evil? What about the evil of making a girl late to her lunch date? Smh

Got bullet holes in my car today, but it also shielded black widow so like thank you ma'am. It’s been an honor.

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The Outsider

I imagine that the Void looks very different seen through the Outsider’s eyes.

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This just struck me as weird, not because Sam doesn’t get to act on his own emotions like everyone else has this season.  Then I finally realized why:  every damn time he has an opinion and takes a stand, he gets literally and violently beaten down.

Sam’s track record for picking a side is brutal:  

Sam picked Stanford and a safer life.  He was disowned by his father and brother..

Sam picked Jess.  She died.

Sam chose to use his demon blood as a good thing.  Dean punched him twice.  Then he addicted and was forced to detox cold turkey only to be manipulated by Heaven AND Demons.

Sam decided to kill Lillith even before they new about the 66 seals.  Dean told him not to, that he couldn’t.  By the time he actually did it on his own, he ended up breaking the 66th seal and getting 100% of the blame for starting the apocalypse.

Sam chose to subdue Lucifer.  He was tortured by Lucifer and Michael for 180 years and was rescued by Castiel without his soul, which SAM still gets blamed for by Dean.

Sam chose to keep his post-wall hallucinations to himself.  Dean derided him for it and told him he could not be trusted to make good choices.

Sam decided to stop hunting after everything he loved was dead or believed to be dead.  He lived a regular life.  When Dean returned from Purgatory, he blamed him and criticized him for that decision, and even manipulated him into thinking the woman he loved was dying.

Sam CHOSE take on The Trials.  Dean doubted him every step of the way and then refused to let him finish when he learned it would kill him.

Sam chose to die and was greeted by death.  Dean tricked him into living and being possessed by an evil angel and lied to him for months.  

Sam decided to save his brother from the MoL, and when Charlie was killed by no fault of Sam’s, Dean blamed him for it, left him to clean up all of the bodies of the people he killed, and then violently demanded that Sam die to stop DEAN from becoming evil.

In short, when Dean tells Sam to “Pick a side,” what he really means is “Pick my side.” As in, “Follow me blindly and never question my motives/opinions/choices.”

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Just in case you forget this exists.

It exists.

With those “when you want to design a character but you don’t know color theory” posts flying around I thought this would be relevant again.


there’s also Coolors website that gives you randomized palettes!


Don’t forget ColourLovers, either! It’s a social media-esque site where you can browse tons of palettes and share your own.

You can browse the most popular ones or search for certain colors, themes, and even specific hex codes!

When you find one you like, you can download a wallpaper swatch of it and also select the specific colors it uses to look at more palettes that use those same ones.

ColourLovers is my go-to for when I’m having trouble coming up with a color scheme! It’s also been around for over a decade, so there’s plenty to browse through.

April 29 2017


Alien: You shouldn’t eat that.

Human: What?

Alien: That thing. Don’t you know it’s extremely acidic? Enough to cause eventual deterioration of your flesh?

Human: ….it’s a fucking pineapple.




that german feel when you see your american/british/australian friends post something about eating healthy and losing weight and therefore eating no more bread because bread is unhealthy and evil and you get personally offended for 5 seconds until you remember oh yeah right they don’t have any proper bread

#ich bin immer noch schockiert davon#wie ich damals in england ein brot im rucksack hatte#und ein paar andere einkäufe lagen oben auf und danach war es irreparabel platt#da hat selbst deutscher toast mehr strukturelle integrität 

Da muss man auch so furchtbar vorsichtig sein, wenn man das schneiden will. Der kleinste Druck, und das Brot ist hin. Da lob ich mir ein deutsches Roggenbrot - egal, ob man da mit dem Brotmesser rangeht, oder dem Allesschneider, das Brot hält.

Paderborn, Regen, 11° - das Brot hält

Freiburg, Sonne, 27° - das Brot hält

Kiel, Wind, 5° - das Brot hält

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logged the fuck in

zenyatta bout to hit em with the discourse orb

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Emergency Hug Roadrat

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John Galliano F/W 2009/10

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Emerge from your chrysalis | Paolo Sebastian

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welcome to india, jazz.

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Ah, the spring weather is a beautiful thing, eh?

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25 years of ads peeled away

A warning

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The Times, Shreveport, Louisiana, November 30, 1913





Honestly, Rick Rolling is the best practical joke ever. Like, there’s nothing offensive or mean  spirited about it. It’s just like “Oops you thought there would be something else here but it’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.” which isn’t even a bad song. It’s fairly enjoyable to listen to. There’s no jumpscares, no screaming, no ill will. Just Rick Astley telling you he’s never going to give you up. I think that’s great. “You fell into my trap! Here, listen to this completely benign song that will have no negative effect on you.” 

I wish this were true. There’s a really good article about the problems inherent with rickrolling here.

Very interesting. I never thought about that and now I feel bad.

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Mario romance story excerpt from the British N64 Magazine.

This is the worst thing ive ever read

This is the best thing i’ve ever read




sometimes i wanna be top

and sometimes i wanna be bottom



look at that fancy fuckin bunkbed jesus christ. back in my day, there were no stairs for easy access to the top. the road to the top bunk was a vertical fucking climb of wooden slats that you had to scramble to find purchase on. the one that made it to the top was not only a victor, but a survivor

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A bit overcooked and undersalted potatoes with steamed mashed broccoli and sauce made from white yogurt, mashed cottage cheese, garlic and cucumber.
Looks horrible tastes nice but lacks some seasonig that i cant figure out. But its vey nice.

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