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Important to remember about Ardyn...


“One so impure of body and soul was deemed unworthy of the Crystal’s Light, and forbidden to ascend.” - Bahamut’s english description of Ardyn

compare to:


“He who absorbed the parasites that are the cause of the daemons, and became immortal by that power that injures the planet. A foolish man who was rejected by the Holy Stone for that unclean body and was buried without ascending to the throne.” - Japanese original text (source of translation)

I’ve never actually seen this before, but it confirms my headcanon (yay) that although of Lucis Caelum lineage, Ardyn was never actually king. He was ‘merely’ a healer.

This is further supported by Ardyn’s own recollection of the past events, when he refers to a “jealous king” who demonised him, but to himself only as “the healer of the people.” These are carefully chosen words. Ardyn was never the King of Lucis.

This makes certain aspects of the game more mysterious. So we know Ardyn was executed and, possibly buried according to Bahamut in the Japanese text, but he never took the throne. How did he acquire the armiger weapons?

I always understood that those weapons were of Noctis’ ancestors who ruled Lucis between Ardyn and Regis, the sword of the father being the final piece in the armiger. Did Ardyn then acquire them by default, being of the same bloodline? Or did he do what Noctis did, visit their tombs and collect them one-by-one?

Ardyn remarks to Ravus he knows the price of the covenant. Did he form the covenants with the Astrals himself, just like Luna does in the game?

Bahamut describes Ardyn as “impure of body and soul” and “a foolish man” in the English and Japanese versions respectively. This hints that he did something more in his past than just absorb the scourge. Perhaps he did it willingly, knowingly, in order to become immortal?

There are so many unanswered questions about our dear Lord Trash Jesus, and I really really hope Square finally delivers and ties the loose ends together. But if not, I guess it’s okay too, since I get to indulge in my own past-Ardyn fantasy HC’s.

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