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August 06 2017


shipping your own OCs


shipping one of your OCs with 4 other OCs and not knowing which pair should be canon

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I don’t know what this is from but it’s the gayest start to a fight I’ve ever seen


Lately I’ve been thinking about doing another “SO YOU WANNA WRITE ABOUT [RANDOM MEDICAL SHIT]” post, but I can’t seem to narrow down which topic I want to tackle next. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • concussions
  • hypothermia
  • who are these people and what do they do, aka “A Field Guide To Hospital Staff”, aka “Why Doesn’t Anyone On ‘House’ Actually Know Their Scope Of Practice?!?!?!”
  • IVs
  • shock and/or sepsis
  • patient rights

I could cheerfully expound at length on any one of these and would very much enjoy doing so, but I’m not sure where I should start. Thoughts?

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Pigeon Comic 56 - Sometimes I’m Just Tired

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There’s something really terrifying about the concept of being pursued by something that can only walk slowly after. Just slooowly following. You can chill for a while if you get far enough away but it’s still coming.

That’s called “persistence hunting” and it’s how humans hunted all sorts of megafauna to extinction, as well as what let our species become so disperse and so numerous. Our existence is a horror story told from the monster’s perspective.

So you’re telling me zombie is absolutely a valid career path

Watch the movie on Netflix called “ It Follows” lol

Basically our hunting super power is that we are really smart, good at tools and can walk/run forever. 

My roommate Kait runs 20 miles 4 times a week.
Horses can only travel about 32 miles a day.

If my roommate ran 20 miles twice in one day (possible if she does one in the morning and one in the afternoon) she would out travel a horse.

 She is not FASTER than a horse, but if a horse was walking away from her for 8 solid hours,  Kait could catch up to it.  She could probably also walk after it for an additional 5-10 miles after the run and then stab it when it got too tired to go on.

But kait’s athletic. 

 I, on the other hand, am a fatty fat who weighs 210 and never exercises ever.

I once, completely spontaneously because i had no money for the train, walked 17 miles in the winter from one end of Chicago to the other. I had also not eaten and was wearing a backpack. It took me 3 hours, but I accomplished it with ease. If i wasn’t a chub goddess, and had eaten and it was summer and I wasn’t wearing a backpack with a laptop in it, imagine how far and fast I could have gone. 

Now. Horses can only sustain a run for about 15 miles ( at 8-10mph it takes them a little over an hour).

If my fat ass was walking towards a horse for 3 hours and it was literally running away from me. It would become exhausted after 15 miles and unless it can recover completely in 2 hours for another lengthy sprint, I can reasonably catch up to it and stab it. (not that i would ever stab a horse. horses are terrifying and should be regarded with suspicion, respect and fear)

The longest run ever was 350 miles over 80 hours without sleep.

We are endurance monsters. 

humans terrify me

Humans Are Space Orcs: Braces


I have been reading a lot of these so here it is,

Just imagine an alien when they find out about braces.

“Do you mean to tell me that you strap metal to your young and slowly move their bones, without pain killers, over long periods of time? The bones that they use to eat? Then make them wear more metal in their mouths for the rest of their life, all for a standard of beauty?”

Nah dude, some do it for medical reasons. I knew someone who had three teeth stuck in the roof of their mouth so they put braces on them and fixed that right up”

“I don’t think I understand”

“They had to do it, because they had already pulled out their baby teeth so they would have had gaps or out of order teeth. Or get infected.

“But how did braces on the outside of their teeth affect the teeth that were *stuck*”

They first had to cut through the bone to get to them and then they stuck brackets on them. But after that, they just dragged the teeth into place.”

“Through the bone?”


“And it worked?”


*horrified aliens* “I thought you said you care about your young”

"We do”

*even more Horrified aliens*

*off to the side* “didn’t the human say they cared about us”

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The Spires of Chimney Cove [Roan Studio]





We went from having convex TV, to flat TV, and now concave TV

soon the TVs will engulf us in a circle

isnt that vr in a way


The Dishonored character I relate to most is Jessamine’s heart because all it does is talk shit about everything and complain about how tired it is

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simply the best

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#not impressed
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Cracked After Hours got a new group of geeks who will be responsible for half the videos from now on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jZ9g9_gdYc

If you’re new to the series, the actors play characters that share their names and are partly inspired by themselves, but are otherwise highly exaggerated and fictional. I can best compare it to Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale who is played by a gay man named Cecil.

For example, real Soren is married to a beautiful blonde woman and together they make beautiful blonde babies.
After Hours Soren is a rich playboy with serious commitment issues. He had sexual tension with Katie for a while but the closest thing to a “stable relationship” he has ever had is Daniel, and their friendship did turn sexual for about two years, but they’re back to being platonic friends again.
So yeah, there are some pretty huge differences between the actors and their characters even if they share the same names. At least I hope Katie isn’t actually a latent serial killer…

So I’m looking forward to where they’ll take the new guys. All we know so far is that Kimia is hella’ weird, and that according to real Daniel his characters is in love with literally everyone from the second group. (Which means the only person in the After Hours universe who’ll never have a chance in hell of getting into his pants is Katie whom he for some reason is antagonistic towards. Maybe it’s the serial killer thing)

Also, it’s impossible to draw Cody and not make him look like a creep. Fact.

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these behind the scene pictures from castlevania’s animation studio are fucking incredible



In the shower: Oh, wow, I know exactly how I’m gonna write the next scene. I know the dialogue, I know what each character will be doing, and I know just how this will transition into the scene after.

After the shower: … So I think I had… some words planned. And maybe some punctuation… Hm.

I would laugh at this except I’m trying not to cry because it’s totally like that.

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here’s a quick-ish lighting study from a fury road screencap


*Zooms in*

WH A T!?!?!?!!!!!!

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What even are cats…

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i airdropped this pic to a random iphone on the plane and like 2 minutes later i overheard the lady in the seats directly across from mine say “someone just airdropped me this…it’s a very strange photo, very strange” lmao

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The Magi- A series of I made for my illustration final. 

Frankincense is symbolic of a connection to the divine and of spirituality. 

Gold is symbolic of mortal wealth and often royalty .

Myrrh is symbolic of mortality and life after death. Each of the illustrations is related to the symbolism linked with the object.

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