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June 26 2017

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Lee Hye Seung by Choi Moon Hyuk for Cosmopolitan Korea June 2017

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Etruscan terracotta statue of a woman.  Artist unknown; late 4th or early 3rd cent. BCE.  Now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Photo credit: AlkaliSoaps/Wikimedia Commons.

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High Chaos Corvo.


A masked vigilante has made an appearance in your city. As the the wealthiest man in town, you’re having trouble convincing people it’s not you.

June 25 2017

De Handetasche muss lebendig sein!
— Ancient German Proverb (via official-sachsen-anhalt)

June 15 2017

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I’m so excited for the new Dishonored DLC! <3

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canoeing in a crystal clear lake 

coolest but scariest fucking thing

Looks like something would grab your foot if you went for a swim


It’s going to be a Desucon weekend here in Lahti!

I didn’t get to the artist alley this year, and couldn’t really afford the ticket either, but since this is my current hometown, I’ll probably come to hang around the con site this Saturday, maybe Sunday too, if the weather stays good. 

It’s less than two miles away from my den anyway, and I have pokemon to catch people to meet.

I’ll probably have some Morri-patches with me (since come on, I ordered them for this year’s conventions and I haven’t gotten in any of them) so if you’re interested in supporting your local comic artist I ask 5€ for one. :) (If you want multiples, you’re free to haggle a bundle discount.)

Feel free to say hi!

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a goblin and her goblets

Outsider. - LucifurMacomb - Dishonored (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]



Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dishonored (Video Game)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: The Outsider (Dishonored)
Additional Tags: The Void

“He’d heard stories of the void as a young boy- either reference made by a screaming preacher, or whispering cultist in a backstreet alley. It was nothing like they’d said. ”

So with DotO being announced I thought I’d share something I wrote a little while ago about The Outsider + the moment after he entered the void. I do have newer ideas about his “birth,” but this was written before D2 came out :P 

I apologise if this isn’t the usual thing I post to this blog - but in a way, fan fiction is filled with headcanons. I have some other Dishonored-based ideas I might do, but in the mean time I thought to share this - to test the waters.
(Also yep - that’s my main. I’m not advertising myself here though - it’s a personal mishmash). 

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EVERYONE GO GOOGLE ‘MAGPIE HELMET’ and read about Australian magpie swooping it is essential to understand this complex imagery 

blizzard pls give me a magpie protection gear skin for Junkrat. please I need this. i need it to live

Seen earlier on my patreon!

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He may have been your father, but he wasn’t your daddy

June 14 2017





the fact that the Russian language doesn’t have articles makes me go ??????????????? because in a native English speaker’s head it sounds like a hilarious shitpost type thing

 so when you ask someone “Где водка?” it translates to “where is the vodka?”

 but in my horrible backwards english brain if I don’t see any articles I assume they aren’t there, so yelling “ГДЕ ВОДКА” translates to “WHERE VODKA” like some kind of drunken maniac who you definitely should not give vodka to

Speaking as a Russian-American who speaks the language and knows a fair share of Russian-Russians, even if Russians did have articles they would still slam open the door yelling “WHERE VODKA” at all times.


i’m ukrainian you butt

this still applies 100% though…

About the blog


This is just a mess of a blog in the making about the universe of Weltenbrand, a story that is authored by myself (Cassian) and Narina. We will post little stuff here about the Weltenbrand, excerpts, random facts or encounters that never happened. So… mostly it’s just a place where we can put things and all and look at it again but you are welceome to browse.


Shaun of the Dead AU #8: Shaun and the gang actually have the presence of mind to try to go upstairs during the final attack, because there are, you know, several floors to the Winchester and you dinguses still chose to stay on the one with huge windows accessible from the street


Random thought of the day:

Good idea: Mix some vegetable bits in with your rice.

Not-so-good idea: Trying to open the bag of frozen vegetable bits without scissors.

Result: The mass of vegetable bits to rice ratio roughly 2/1. Also vegetable bits all over kitchen counter. Good news is I won’t have to cook rice OR vegetables tomorrow! There’s so much more of the stuff than I had planned.





take me to art museums and make out with me

But they said to not touch the masterpieces

Well somebody’s gotta pin the artwork to the wall

This is Johnson, those idiots are fucking in the east wing again.


all those untranslatable german words like “Weltschmerz” and “Wanderlust” are so basic like try translating “Telekommunikationsüberwachungsverordnung” or “Elektrizitätswirtschaftsorganisationsgesetz” or “Verkehrswegeplanungsbeschleunigungsgesetz” or my personal fav and austrian word of the year 2016 “ Bundespräsidentenstichwahlwiederholungsverschiebung”

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this game is bullshit, you have to go through a tutorial until level 18, and your stats start to go down after level 30 not to mention the romance mini-game is hard as fuck

sadly the PVP is a lie. You get a debuff called jail

it also fails to mention that once you hit level 18 it actually does have a monthly fee and it’s really fucking steep. but at that point everyone’s too invested to quit playing so ugh yeah

I don’t even get to choose anything about the initial details of my character.


Pff the graphics really suck, I needed to get a third party program just to make everything focus.

If the character they give you isn’t the right gender, the patch is expensive as hell and takes forever to install

I thought I was really good at this game, but there are millions of people better at it than I am. ::::/

I died ONCE and they closed my fucking account what the hell

All the travel takes for fucking ever too. They desperately need to patch in some sort of teleport system.

Don’t even get me started on how boring the endgame is. 

everyone in the game keeps arguing over whether or not there’s an admin or not and its really annoying

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